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ROCAF 6th Composite Wing Flies in SAR Teams and Supplies After Earthquake


In response to the strong earthquake that struck Hualien on April 3, the ROCAF 6th Composite Wing launched 2 C-130H transport aircraft later that day to ferry special search and rescue (SAR) personnel and supplies from Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, and Pingtung County to Hualien. In addition to transporting 60 special SAR personnel and 5 SAR dogs, the aircraft also flew in 74 pieces of equipment such as electric generators, life detectors, electric rescue equipment, and monitors; a total of 29,780lbs of equipment. The ROCAF Command Headquarters stressed that their aircraft stood ready to provide aid and support to the rescue mission.

The 6th Composite Wing swiftly assembled flight crews, transport equipment, and C-130H aircraft after receiving orders on April 3. The first transport sortie was undertaken by No. 1309. After SAR personnel and dogs from Pingtung County and Kaohsiung City arrived at Pingtung Air Force Base, the flight crew began assisting them in boarding the aircraft and securing their equipment. No. 1309 took off at 11:27 and arrived in Hualien at 12:07.

This was followed by another C-130H aircraft, No. 1317, carrying SAR personnel from Tainan City and Kaohsiung City, as well as SAR equipment. To alleviate any anxiety that SAR dogs might have during their flight, the flight crew arranged for their cages to be placed last on the aircraft and for their handlers to be seated beside them. Once boarding had finished, the aircraft took off at 13:26 and arrived at Hualien at 14:09 to provide aid.

Furthermore, the ROCAF Command Headquarters also addressed media reports of alleged damages to Hualien Air Force Base by the earthquake. ROCAF Command Headquarters stated on April 3, that 6 F-16 and 2 F-5 fighter aircraft in the maintenance hangar had been slightly damaged after the earthquake had caused them to move. Fortunately, these damages were only superficial and did not cause any damage to the fuselage itself. These aircraft can be speedily patched up and will not impact combat preparations in any way.

The ROCAF 6th Composite Wing dispatched 2 C-130H transport aircraft on April 3.

Source: Youth Daily News (April 4, 2024)