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Mission of the ROCAF

The air force safeguards the blue sky and the air space of the country


The ROCAF is responsible for patrolling the air space of the Taiwan Straits to ensure security, gearing up for combat readiness and training of the force, and performing the duties of rescue for major disasters at peacetime. If combat is inevitable, the ROCAF shall spare no effort in fighting for air supremacy through the combined warfare with the army and the navy for yielding the most effective results to wipe out all invading forces for homeland security.


The ROCAF Headquarters administered different departments and offices. The Air Force Combatant Command, Air Defense Artillery Command, Education Training and Doctrine Development Command, Air Defense and Missile Command, Maintenance and Support Command, Air Force Academy, Base Command, Air Tactical Wing, Air Force Aeronautic Science and Technology Development Center are subordinated to the ROCAF Command Headquarters.

Major armory:

The ROCAF has combat fighters, early warning aircrafts, trainers, cargo planes, rescue helicopters, and various types of air defense missile and ammunition on inventory so as to build up a modernized air force.