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Vision of the ROCAF

The goal is to buildup of “Early Warning, Defense against Surprise Attacks and Fight from a Distance Apart” Combat Power.

I.Build up the long-range surveillance and early warning capability.

II.Integration of the C4ISR system for performing effective theatre management function.

III.Acquire long-rang precision weapons to enhance the efficiency of countermeasure via self-development and foreign procurement for strengthening the defensive power.

IV.Planning for the development of the next generation fighters, reinforcement of overall air combat power and initiative in combat dynamics.

V.Integration of the resources from the industry, government and academic circle for the development of key aeronautic technology for initiative in action.

VI.Streamlining of the force structure, appropriate organizational restructuring for effective capacity in action.

VII.Refinement in education and training, improvement of manpower quality to compensate superiority by quantity.