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Ministry of National Defense Released a Press Release Explaining the Matter of Posthumous Promotion and Awards for the 8 Fallen Generals and Soldiers from the Black Hawk Helicopter Incident. (2020/1/3)


Ministry of National Defense expressed today (3rd) that in order to commend the late Chief of the General Staff Shen Yi-ming for his remarkable achievement regarding the elevation of the overall military establishment and combat readiness during his military tenure, the ministry presented the “Order of Blue Sky and White Sun” to Shen on behalf of the President’s order, and posthumously promoted him to General Chief of Staff of Air Force.

In addition, the late Major General Yu Chin-wen, Major General Hong Hong-jun, Lieutenant Colonel Ye Chian-yi, Major Huang Sheng-hang, Captain Liu Zhen-fu, and Senior Master Sergeant Hsu Hong-bin, have been respectively awarded with medals for their merits and achievements, and posthumously promoted to an additional rank from their existing ranks. The Chief Master Sergeant Han Zheng-hong is the highest commanding officer among non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces, and his remarkable achievement regarding the promotion of the Armed Forces non-commissioned officer system, as well as the elevation in military morale, during his tenure, has earned him with an Order of the Cloud and Banner from the President.

Ministry of National Defense further expressed that the Armed Forces are the foundation to a safe and stable nation. This incident has received additional concern from domestic and overseas compatriots, and the ministry will mourn for the loss and encourage the living, tackle the relevant issues head on, strive to clarify the truth, and adopt tangible and effective measures, in order to ensure flight safety, stable military morale, maintain ordinary combat readiness and the operation of various national defense procedures, maintain the combat capability of the Armed Forces, and ensure national security.