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Complete the Tien-An Special Inspection; Mirage Resume Flight


After the 2nd Wing of the Air Force implemented the Tian-An special inspection, the Mirage fighters returned to flight on the 1st. The Leader of 2nd Wing Major General Hsu flied with the flight officer. Not only motivates morale with practical actions, but also verifies that flight energy is safe. Assure to the countrymen that the fighter planes are safe and reliable, and can immediately be put into combat training missions and defend our homes.

Since the recent crash of the Mirage fighter (No. 2017), the Air Force ordered the implementation of Tian-An special inspections on the same day. And suspend all combat readiness training missions of the aircraft. Yesterday morning, Wing Leader Hsu flied the first Mirage fighter to conduct the resuming flight after the special inspection. Re-devoted in our country's air defense mission, show to the world our determination to protect the country.

Mirage Resume Flight

Source: Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense (April 02, 2022)