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Indigenous military aircraft


New model of high-end aircraft trainer start to assemble and “indigenous military aircraft” achieved new milestone

President Tsai presided the start ceremony with participants of the ceremony

(reported by journalist Li, Yi-Hao from Military News Agency on June 1st in Taichung) The first domestically developed and manufactured new model high-end aircraft trainer since AIDC F-CK-1 Ching-kuo has officially start to assemble! President Tsai Ing-wen visited AIDC to preside over the opening ceremony of the assembly of high-end aircraft trainer (AJT), and the Secretary General of the National Security Council Lee Ta-wei, the Minister of the Ministry of National Defense Yen Te-fa, the Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Shen Jong-chin, legislators and guests from the domestic aerospace industry have participated the event to witness the critical milestone of “indigenous military aircraft” with hundreds of employee representatives.

The “Opening ceremony of new model of high-end aircraft trainer” was held in the Shalu factory of AIDC, and President Tsai jointly started plasma globe with guests to represent the official opening; and then AIDC guided participants to visit the assembly line and invited President Tsai to put the reinforced rib on the structural fuel tank and signing on it to complete the historical moment. The is a critical first step that President Tsai leads the high-end aircraft trainer new model project team to complete manufacturing in September 2019 and achieve the first flight in June 2020.

AIDC pointed out that the opening of assembly means that the design, manufacturing and certification of components have been completed, and the aircraft can officially enter the assembly phase. The forward of the fuselage is the most complicated part, and the components of the fuel tank of the rear of the forward of the fuselage is the first structure to be assembled. The main part of the opening ceremony “the reinforced rib of the structural fuel tank on the forward of the fuselage” aims to support the back stand of the fuel tank structure and avoid the distortion of the fuel tank to meet the stress requirement of the structural design.

The new model of high-end aircraft trainer can cooperate with advanced avionics training system and ground training simulation system to replace the current AT-3 high-end aircraft trainer and F-5E/F training aircraft to satisfy the war preparation needs of the national army; and AIDC have signed manufacturing agreement with NCSIST at April 25 of last year and enter the assembly phase after 1 year of design, planning, contract signing and procurement, that set a new world record.