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General Shen Yi-Ming, the 22nd Commander of the Air Force (term of office: February 1, 2015 to March 1, 2018)

General Shen Yi-Ming, the 22nd Commander of the Air Force (term of office:February 1, 2015 to March 1, 2018)

Commander General Shen has his ancestral origins from Yixing, Zhejiang Province, and was born in March 1957. He graduated from the class of 1979 of the Air Force Academy, the class of 1992 of the Air Command and Staff College, the class of 2002 of the USAF War College, the class of 2002 of the master program of the USAF Institute of Strategic Study. He has been a squadron commander, Deputy Commander of the Office of the Deputy Joint Chief of the General Staff in Intelligence, Air Force Combatant Commander, Deputy Chief of the Air Force Staff at Ministry of National Defense, and Deputy Minister of National Defense for Administrative Affairs.

The Commander served the ROCAF for 38 years, and is an amiable person with integrity. He preferred innovation and discipline, and participated in various combat exercise drills during his term of office, and was highly decorated with 38 medals and awards, including the Model, Distinguished Service, Power Declaration, Crimson Bow, Rapacious Condor, Sky Leopold, Flying Tiger, Literate, Recovery of Mainland, City Defense, Loyalty and Service, Sky Command, and Cauldron.