Feng Shih-kuan Declares the Mission of “Han Kuang Exercise Military Simulation (Command Post Exercise, CPX)” has Successfully Accomplished

Publication Date: 2017/05/05

(reported by journalist Zack Lee from Military News Agency on May 5th in Taipei)

The initial computer-assisted military simulation of phase one for the 2017 exercise (held on 1-5 May 2017) has finally entered the last day today. The minister of Ministry of National Defense R.O.C., Feng Shih-kuan, has therefore gone to the command post during the morning to inspect and collect the briefings of the following preparations for the overall restoration from each of the unit, and has accordingly announced the official termination of Han Kuang Exercise Military Simulation.

In addition to giving some guiding advices and directions which aims at the standard operation procedure of the military simulation, minister Feng has emphasized, in the meantime during the encouragement speech to his soldiers, that the main purpose of the exercise is to train and enhance the commanding abilities for cadres of each rank and to familiarize themselves with the assigned responsibilities, by means of which the expected accuracy of deployment can be arranged and the maximum combat strength can be achieved when facing real wars on battlefields.

Minister Feng has also appraised and expressed his gratitude to all cadres and fellow soldiers who participated in the exercise for their patriotic deeds and behaviors. “For the sake of our national defense and security, everybody has performed their best restlessly with the most diligent performances and actions. I hereby, on behalf of people from our entire nation, to offer my most sincere thankfulness for your efforts and devotions to the country.

Meanwhile, minister Feng has again, stressed the importance of national secrecy: it is mandatory that all the information or related documents of the exercise remain and be kept confidentially, and the troops and forces that partook in the exercise should complete the task of restorations, thoroughly and efficiently, no matter in what aspect. Moreover, the chief commissioned officers of every unit should plan the upcoming holidays for their subordinates carefully and deliberately based on military rules, and to promote and remind other disciplines and regulations such as traffic safety in order that this whole exercise can conclude with satisfactory perfection.

Update Date: 2017/05/08