C-47 showed up again with IDF paying tribute in the air

Publication Date: 2017/04/25

(Military News Agency, Taipei, 25th) The antique aircraft DC-3 belonging to BREITLING flew to Taipei Songshan Airport and was going to stay for three days. DC-3’s brother, military transporting aircraft C-47, was once the primary transporting aircraft of the Air Force, which dispatched IDF jets to accompany it flying in the air and pay tribute to DC-3/C-47. The news was also posted on the Facebook page to memorize the precious moment.

The aircraft DC-3/C-47 on world tour has been serving for over 80 years. The C-47 transporting aircraft was once the primary aircraft for transport and had been serving Air Force for an extended period. The C-47 was launched in 1944 and shouldered the tasks of carrying supplies during World War II. Later it was also a critical role in projecting forces and dropping supplies.

One of the aircraft C-47 was selected and named “Mei Ling” as the President’s designated aircraft. In 1995 all of the C-47 was discharged after the acquisition of C-119, but the contribution was unforgettable.

The painted IDF jets were from Wing 427 that accompanied the DC-3 flying in the air at 9000 feet high. Later the DC-3 landed at Taipei Songshan Airport at 1135 AM and completed the parking. On 26th it was going to fly around the airport and estimated to leave from Taiwan on 27th at 0800 AM to continue its world tour.

Update Date: 2017/04/26