Civil No.3 Exercise in Taipei Testing Anti-Terrorism Preparation for Universiade

Publication Date: 2017/03/31

(Military News Agency, Taipei, 30th) The 2017 Civil Defense Mobilization (Civil No.3 Exercise) of Taipei and Drill of Emergent Response of 2017 Taipei Universiade as well as Jin-Hua Exercise had been carried out with solid troops to test the preparation and emergency ability of all units.

The exercises were on in the afternoon at Taipei Stadium. They contained simulations that the stadium was attacked by terrorist’s bomb and hostages were held in addition to activities against chemical disasters and anti-abduction air-ground raid. Also the drills of massive medical attention were run assuming thousands of injuries in a stampede of fire emergency caused by unknown explosive.

The exercise with solid troops included military efforts in the subjects such as “Drills against chemical disasters”, “anti-terrorism air-ground raid”, “Anti-abduction exercise”, “Emergent evacuation and self-defense”, “Establishment of FOB”, and “Massive medical attention and emergent response of hospitals”. There was deployment of Clouded-leopard armor vehicles, decontaminating vehicles with 100 decontaminators, bio-radioactive detecting vehicles, UH-60M and OH-58D helicopters, and 600 plus soldiers involved. It was expected that the civil defense mobilization can support the disaster prevention and emergent response to ensure the national and civil security.

Update Date: 2017/04/05