Agreement over trainer jets for the program of nation-made fighter jets

Publication Date: 2017/02/07
(Military News Agency report in Taichung, 7th) The “Commencement Ceremony of Assigned Contract of New Trainer Jets and MOU of collaboration” was held at NCSIST. The contract and the MOU include Air Force, NCSIST and AIC to launch the program for trainer jet of next generation. President Tsai was present and she spoke of General Hua who was the former director of AIC with a name “Father of IDF” but passed away a few weeks ago that the program of nation-made fighter jets is a salute to General Hua.
NCSIST stated that there will be 66 new trainer jets produced in addition to advanced mocking training system on the ground. The integrated performance can replace the present AT-3 and training jets F-5E/F to simplify the training procedures from 3 stages with 3 kinds of jets to 3 stages with 2 kinds of jets. The advanced mocking training system can assist in reducing the cost and raising the efficiency.
NCSIST said after the agreement over the new trainer jets the first block will be accomplished in 2019 and they will launch their testing voyage in 2020. Once confirming the type for mass production the producing capacity will be full-loaded and all jets can be delivered in 2026 to seamlessly replace all equipment and meet the requirement.
NCSIST addressed that Air Force assigned the program of new trainer jets to NCSIST which will collaboratively produce with AIC and further integrate with the resources of domestic industries to amplify the value. In the future by the R&D of critical technology the government can enhance the level of techniques and competitiveness to boost the development of domestic aerospace industry and create more talented people and vacancies. It is the benefit of the program of nation-made fighter jets to transform the resources offered by the government into a thrust in national economy.
At the ceremony the precious fruit of NCSIST was also displayed to demonstrate the excellence of self-sufficient industry in national defense, including AESA, basic type of F-16 mocking system, multiple types of drones and small turbofan engine etc.
Update Date: 2017/02/26