The History of the 5th

In 1953, the Reconnaissance Unit was deployed to the Group and augmented the Group to the 5th  T.F.W. and named as the 5th  Tactical Composite Wing in 1976. In 1998, the 5th  T.C.W. was deployed to Hualien Air Force Base.

    The 5th  T.C.W. has a great history of combat. During the Sino-Japanese War, ourpilot shot down more than 200 aircrafts.  

    During the August 14th  Air Campaign against the PLAF in 1958, we had created 21 Migkilled After the battle, Late President Chiang Kai-Shek awarded the Flag of Honor to the Wing. Besides, the 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Group penetrated in the Mainland carried out the reconnaissance missions successfully. The Photographic Technical Group was subordinated to the Wing in 1998. All members of the Wing will continue to work closely and keep combat readiness to maintain the strait of Taiwan and Regional stability.

Update Date: 2018/10/04