The history of the 2nd

The 2nd Tactical Fighter Wing is one of the most highly decorated and glorious unit in the Republic of China Air Force. Hsin-Chu Base is also the home 499th, located in the northwest of    Hsin-Chu , Only 130kms east of Mainland China . Geographically, Hsin-chu Base is a strategic objective to deter the adversary by air superiority.

Glorious History

The Hsin-Chu Combat Command facility was first established on January 16,1950 at Hsin-Chu Base, under the command of the Air Force Headquarters, performing a variety of missions; air defense, maritime-patrols and air reconnaissance.

In January, 1953,The 2nd wing was active at Hsin-Chu base, composed of 11th Fighter Group,the 8th light Bomber Group and 20th Air Lighting Group, flying F-47,P4y,B-24,b-25,F-16,PT-17,L-5 and C-46.

5 months later, the 2nd wing performed support missions in Dong-Shan Island campaign,those missions included air drop and casualty evacuation.

On May 22 1954,2F-47s were assigned by the 11th Fighter Group while performing reconnaissance mission over Yijiang-shan Island,was attacked by 6 communist MIG-15s.2-F-47s fought against the bogies and yet shot down one MIG-15 away the southwest of ,Da-Chen Island .The air combat hit a aviation history record by shooting down a fighter jet with a propeller fighter.

Moreover, the 2nd wing fought the enemy in several major campaigns including Kin-Men-Artillery Bombardment.Wu-Chu,Yijiang-Shan,Da-Chen and Nan-Chi.During the Taiwan Strait Crisis.the 2nd wing sunk 70 enemy’s vessels from 1954-1958.

On September 24 ,1958, the 11th Fighter Group Leader” Conel Len-Pei-Shu” was leading a 18 F-86Fs flight to escort the reconnaissance RF-86Fs flying bythe 6th Recon Group. While flying in Wun-Cho Gulf,The sabers encountered 40 MIG-17s.The “Cool Flight” shotted 9 MIG-17s down, as the result, the 11th fighter Group was renowned for it’s the first air to air missile combat record in the world.

On July 5, 1959.Captain Cheng Kang Ling  led a 4 F-86Fs flight on a patrol mission .While flying over Dung-Rou-Island off the mainland F-86Fs fought with 12 MIG-17s .3MIG-17s were killed by F-86Fs.

At each engagement of Taiwan strait, the11th Fighter Group pilots with outstanding tactical skills, morale and discipline, were outnumbered by enemy but out performed enemy fights of aircraft repulsed the enemies attack, the achievements were confront with the finest tradition of Air Force and they fully developed the typical style of “fight against a numerically superior enemy and with the victory”.

In 1960,the 2nd wing was designated to the “2nd Tactical Fighter Wing”, reflected the fact and went from jet fighter and weapon developing.

In 1970, the 2nd TFW converted form the F-86F to North American F-100 “Super saber”.

In April 1974,the ”34th Special Operation Squadron” was formed at Hsin-Chu base where it earned its nickname “Black Bat” flying P-2V,C-123 and P-3.They Flew top secret missions over mainland china to drop agents and gathered military signal intelligences around military sites.

The” Black Bats” specialized in very low-level attitude to the ground in order to evade enemy radars and fighter interceptions.

In 1976, the 2 TFG was re-designated to “ 2nd TFW”. In 1982, the  2nd TFW conducted F-104G “Star Fighter” replacement training .Dec 1983 received the first TF-104G. On November 15 1984,the  2nd TFW Accomplished the F-104G conversion and operated 46 STAR-FIGHTERS. The F-104G continued in use until 1998. And now, Mirage 2000-5 takes on the stage.

Update Date: 2018/03/08