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In 1924, a military aviation school was established in Guangzhou, which was the origin of the flight education of the ROC Air Force. The Aviation Class was first established by the late President Chiang Kai-shek in 1929. In 1932, it was expanded and renamed the Central Aviation School and relocated to Hangzhou. By appointing himself as the superintendent of the school, Mr. Chiang made the Doctrine and the Creed for the members of the Air Force to follow, hoping to build the education system for the ROC Air Force as well as the revolutionary spirit, so that the ROC Air Force could become a formidable force against any numerical superior enemies in the air battles.

For several decades, the ROC Air Force continued to grow and became a credible air power despite the difficult times encountered by our country.  During this period of time, many martyrs died in major air battles such as at Chienchiao and Nanjing in August 1937, at Wuhan in 1938 respectively, leaving touching stories, turning the adverse situation and wining final victory in the War against the Japanese Aggression toward China.

On 23 August 1958, our Air Force pilots shot down enemy aircraft from mainland China over the Taiwan Strait with a splendid record of 31 to 1, which not only dismayed the enemy but also shocked the whole world. Since then, the mainland China could do nothing but threaten us opposite the Taiwan Strait, the security of Taiwan therefore was safeguarded, and an economical miracle of Taiwan was created under the stable political circumstance as a result.

Over the years, in order to enhance its combat strength, the ROC Air Force has acquired Mirage 2000-5s from France and F-16s as well as E-2Ts from the US in addition to developing its own aircraft such as AT-3 and Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF). It is believed that with the introduction of such advanced fighters, all the men and women of the ROCAF have been able to gallantly carry out their duties and stand ready to safeguard the airspace over the Taiwan Strait as their predecessors have done. We are confident that based upon the well-established foundation and the spirits of loyalty and valor, the Republic of China Air Force is always combat ready for the preservation of national security.

Update Date: 2018/03/08