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ROCAF Creates Positivity by Raising Gender Mainstreaming Awareness


On April 11, the ROCAF Command Headquarters held the 2024 Gender Mainstreaming and Supervisor Training at Zhong-Yong Base. This training was presided over by Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Lin, and aimed to establish proper understanding of gender mainstreaming for all service members through lectures and case studies.

This training was proud to invite Assistant Professor Tseng Ying-chen from the Department of Life-and-Death Studies of Nanhua University. Professor Tseng gave a speech on the topic of “Power and Authority in Sexual Harassment,” and offered guidance on formulating preventive mechanisms and measures by referencing and discussing various cases. In addition, discussions were also held on the application scope of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, Gender Equity Education Act, and Act of Gender Equality in Employment, along with other issues such as abuse of power in sexual harassment and gender differentiation. These discussions were meant to correct common gender misconceptions and ensure that service members may carry out their duties with proper conduct. Furthermore, to create a gender-friendly environment, all service members should strive to be aware and compliant of regulations.

Maj. Gen. Lin stated that the armed forces is a team that is instilled with strict discipline. Whether it be during their daily lives or training, this team is built on the adherence to the principles of mutual respect and respecting boundaries. Maj. Gen. Lin further remarked the importance of “action, not words,” reminding officers at all levels to properly raise awareness on mutual respect. These actions will enable the armed forces to carry out its duties properly and honorably. By creating a work environment that emphasizes gender equality and unity, the armed forces can mold its image into one of positivity.

Maj. Gen. Lin presided over the 2024 Gender Mainstreaming and Supervisor Training, aiming to mold the armed forces into a force of positivity.

Source: Youth Daily News (April 12, 2024)