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Gen. Liu Stands in Solidarity With the Families of the Fallen


On March 30, Chief of ROCAF, Gen. Liu Jen-yuan, visited Taipei Hero House to pay his respects to the families of the fallen during the spring memorial service. Gen. Liu thanked them for traveling far to attend the ceremony, and kindly reminded them to take care of themselves and to stay safe during their travels.

Warming the hearts of the families with care and compassion

During the visit, Gen. Liu expressed care for each and every one of the family members, inquiring about their daily lives and health. With simple conversation, Gen. Liu conveyed his concern and support for them during the event. The families were touched by Gen. Liu’s kindness and empathy, and the compassion of all service members present. The families stated that they would continue to stand as a stalwart pillar of support for the ROCAF.

Gen. Liu described how the fallen had sacrificed their lives defending the nation and its people. Thus, it is only right that he ensure that their bereaved families receive the proper care and support they deserve. Gen. Liu hopes that all service members be inspired by the selflessness of the fallen, and honor their sacrifice by committing themselves to their duty.

Gen. Liu Stands in Solidarity With the Families of the Fallen

Source: Youth Daily News (March 30, 2024)