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Air Force Chief Gen. Liu Meets with Chief Prosecutor of Taipei District Prosecutors Office to Jointly Safeguard Airmen Rights


Air Force Chief Gen. Liu yesterday (3/11) met with Chief Prosecutor Cheng, Ming-Chien from the Taipei District Prosecutors Office and other key officials at Zhongyong Barracks. The discussions helped build consensus on the process for handling disciplinary cases in the military so that they can better cater for the special and specialized nature of military duties. By helping units comply with the law on maintaining discipline, airmen can serve without fear and concentrate on their core combat training duties.

Close Liaison to Eliminate Crime

During the meeting, Gen. Liu thanked Chief Prosecutor Cheng for sharing his experience on how cases are handled. Gen. Liu also indicated that the Legal Affairs Department of the Air Force will conduct timely investigations and complete the disciplinary reports for violations of the law before transferring the cases to the judicial authorities. In the future, they will continue to liaise closely with local prosecutors' offices, with an emphasis on preventive education and handling individual cases to maintain the security of units and the nation together.

Gen. Liu stated that the rule of the law is critical to maintaining unit cohesion. Military justice personnel have a tradition of providing airmen involved in legal disputes with all possible counseling and assistance. They not only ensure that airmen receive proper support but are also shielded against litigation. Closer cooperation with local prosecutors' offices will help prevent illegal activities and safeguard airmen's rights.

Air Force Chief Gen. Liu meets with the Chief Prosecutor of the Taipei District Prosecutors Office to jointly safeguard airmen's rights

Source: Youth Daily News (2024.03.12)