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Air Force Chief Gen. Liu Inspects Active Duty Unit in Northern Region to Enforce Examination and Education in Person


Air Force Chief Gen. Liu yesterday (3/1) inspected an active duty unit in the Northern Region to enhance combat readiness. In addition to checking the unit’s combat readiness rosters and training results, he also conducted examinations and education in person for unit leaders. Particular emphasis was placed on modifying training exercises based on enemy threats to improve realism and ensure they are ready to respond to unexpected situations and developments on the battlefield.

Frank Conversations and Praise for Hard Work in Combat Training

Gen. Liu began by attending a briefing on engagement procedures and the unit’s current establishment. He then stopped by the living and equipment areas, where he inspected the airmen’s living conditions, the unit’s logistics and maintenance setup, and fighting positions. Frank conversations were held with the airmen as well. Gen. Liu commended the leaders for their hard work on combat readiness training and looking after their personnel. He again reminded everyone that each unit should progressively enhance its training performance and maintain the fighting power of the air defenses without compromising on safety.

Gen. Liu emphasized that the defense of our national airspace is the Air Force’s top mission. All officers and men are on the same side when it comes to national security. He also reminded leaders at all levels to practice “felt” leadership and pay attention to their airmen’s well-being. All airmen should live and train together. If they put their unit and subordinates first, cohesion and improved overall combat readiness will come naturally.

Air Force Chief Gen. Liu inspects active duty units in the Northern Region to enforce examination and education in person

Source: Youth Daily News (2024.03.2)