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ROCAF Chief Gen. Liu Visits Bases During Lunar New Year and Praises Troops for Staying at their Posts


ROCAF Chief Gen. Liu yesterday (2/8) visited various bases in Tainan accompanied by Director of Political Warfare Lt. Gen. Chiang and other top leaders. During his inspection, Gen. Liu thanked all the airmen on duty for staying at their posts and watching over their homeland during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Maintaining Combat Readiness to Keep the Nation Safe

Gen. Liu reminded all airmen on duty that there are no holidays in air defense. Communist aircraft are continuing to operate over the seas around Taiwan. All units must maintain their vigil and respond in an appropriate manner to defend our air space. Gen. Liu then chatted with the airmen on duty about their roster, leave plans, and what they intend to do with their annual performance bonuses. He also reminded the airmen on duty to call their families in their spare time, and convey to them the sincere well wishes from everyone in the chain of command.

Finally, Gen. Liu emphasized the importance of all airmen carrying out all development and readiness missions in order to defend the nation and protect our people. We must carry out our mission of defending the national airspace and the shield of the nation so that everyone can enjoy safe and happy holidays.

ROCAF Chief Gen. Liu visits bases during Lunar New Year and praises troops for staying at their posts

Source: Youth Daily News (2024.02.09)