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Gen. Liu Presides Over Graduation Ceremony and Awards Pilot Wings


Gen. Liu, Jen-yuan, Chief of the ROCAF, visited the ROCAF Flight Training Command on January 5 to preside over the “2022 Advanced Flight School Graduation and Awarding of Pilot Wings Ceremony”. Gen. Liu personally pinned on the pilot wings for each graduate, and reminded them of their duty to defend our nation’s airspace with honor and courage.

Honing their skills through hard work and commitment.

During his address, Gen. Liu noted that the badge adorned on their chests symbolized how they were ready to take flight in their careers to defend our nation’s skies, and how everyone should ceaselessly strive to exceed their limits and skills through hard work and dedication. In addition, Gen. Liu reminded everyone of the importance of discipline and familiarity with procedures and contingencies, urging everyone to always view any flight as their first flight, thereby ensuring cautiousness and safety.

Gen. Liu expressed his gratitude towards the attending instructors and family members, since it was their support and encouragement that enabled these graduates to fully dedicate themselves towards their training. Finally, Gen. Liu encouraged each graduate to honor the ROC Air Force in their future endeavors by facing whatever challenges ahead without fear, and work together in defending the skies of our nation.

Gen. Liu Presides Over Graduation Ceremony and Awards Pilot Wings

Source: Youth Daily News (2024.01.06)