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Gen. Liu Presides Over Art Exhibit Opening Ceremony at Zhongyong Art Gallery


To bolster culture and arts amongst service members and to demonstrate the soft power of the armed forces, the art exhibit “Wandering the Mountains – The Works of Cheng Shen-Chih” was held at the ROCAF Command Headquarters’ Zhongyong Art Gallery. The opening ceremony was presided over by Gen. Liu, Chief of the ROCAF, and was attended by many distinguished artists, guests, and service members. This dynamic event aspires to enhance arts and culture in a military base through the celebration of art.

Gen. Liu stated that the Command Headquarters regularly organizes art activities to nurture the cultural side of service members. These creative events don’t just enrich service members mentally, but also boosts the esprit de corps, thereby shaping units into a formidable force true to the values of loyalty and bravery.

Lastly, Gen. Liu thanked Cheng Shen-Chih for his tireless contributions to the ROC armed forces, which has provided a world of art for them to immerse themselves in. By admiring the powerful strokes of each brushstroke and the worlds that they conjure, service members can enjoy a moment of relaxation and positivity in their busy daily work life.

Gen. Liu presided over the opening ceremony at the Zhongyong Art Gallery.

Source: Youth Daily News (2024.01.18)