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ROCAF: Illegal Sale of Firearms and Ammunition Subject to Severe Punishment and with No Leniency Granted


In response to recent media reports that "ROCAF officers and soldiers involved in the illegal online sale of firearms, ammunition", the Air Force Headquarters stated on the 18th, that a serving Airman 1st Class surnamed Liu and an Airman 1st Class surnamed Lai bought modified pistols and ammunition while on furlough, and then sold the firearms online for profit, and were subsequently caught by the police. The case was referred to the Shilin Precinct for further investigation, and transferred to the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office for review. Another unit completed a special inventory of arms and ammunition, after which all firearms and ammunition were accounted for.

The Air Force Headquarters emphasized that the case has entered the judicial process, and the Air Force Headquarters will not only fully cooperate with the investigation, but will also follow the principle of "joint legal liability and punishment" and impose heavy punishment without any leniency. In addition, the Air Force Headquarters will cite the case to consistently strengthen the education of military law and discipline to establish correct understanding and law-abiding concepts to maintain the reputation of the military.

Source: Youth Daily News (February 19, 2023)