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Air Force Chief General Liu Jen-Yuan Eastern Region Garrison, Encourages Development of Solid Air Defense Barrier


ROCAF Chief General Liu Jen-Yuan accompanied by responsible officers on the 17th, went to eastern Taiwan to inspect the combat readiness situation. In addition to convening key officers of the ROCAF’s units in eastern Taiwan to implement work guidance, he requested the continuous strengthening of emergency response readiness, effective performance of joint situational monitoring, and awarding additional meal subsidies to condole with the hard work of officers and soldiers in combat training.

Gen. Liu first listened to the mission briefing to understand the combat readiness situation, staffing and the status of relevant project executions, and visited the equipment area to inspect the equipment maintenance situation as well as officers and soldiers on duty, and to personally carry out examination and teaching for the deployment of military garrisons. In view of the increased tensions from PLA Air Force activities, he reminded all officers and soldiers to continue to focus on combat training, improve enemy intelligence gathering, closely monitor airspace dynamics, ensure proper handling of various emergencies in accordance with standard operating procedures, and give full play to actual combat response capabilities to build a solid air defense barrier.

Finally, Gen. Liu encouraged officers and cadres at all levels to perform their duties well, to take the initiative to care for their subordinates, and to properly plan living facilities and living spaces to create a quality living environment for the officers and soldiers, so that they can devote themselves to their duties in combat training and achieve their missions, contributing to the strengthening and readiness of the ROCAF.

Source: Youth Daily News (February 18, 2023)