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Beware of Chinese Communist Disinformation


On August 3, the spokesperson for Ministry of National Defense Major-General Sun Li-Fang said that the Chinese Communists have continued to launch propaganda and disinformation attacks against Taiwan. He called upon the people of Taiwan to recognize the nature of the Chinese Communist regime, and to not be deceived by disinformation spread by the Chinese Communists or on the Internet. He cited the message of “PLAAF Su-35 Fighter Crossed the Taiwan Strait” as an example. A MND investigation immediately established that this was fake information. A press-release and fact-checking infographics were then issued in rebuttal.

Maj. General Sun emphasized that the Armed Forces are already on high alert and closely monitoring all military developments around Taiwan. The Armed Forces stand ready to defend our sovereignty, territory, and national security. The most accurate information is available from the MND. Members of the public are also asked to report any disinformation to the MND for further action.

In response to online rumors of “PLA missile attack on Taoyuan Airport”, the MND stated that Taoyuan International Airport is operating normally around the clock. MND stated that online rumors of “Missile defense failed! ROC Taoyuan International Airport hit by missile attack after unsuccessful interception” was pure disinformation and appealed to the people of Taiwan to not be taken in.

Beware of Chinese Communist Disinformation

Source: Youth Daily News (August 4, 2022)