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Changes to General Officers’ Appointments Authorized by President to Take Effect from June 16


The Ministry of Defense announced on June 14 that the following changes to general officers’ appointments have been authorized by the President: The General Chang Che-ping. the President of National Defense University, has been appointed as the Military Strategic Advisor to the Office of the President; Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Liu Chih-pin will be appointed as the President of National Defense University; Admiral Mei Chia-shu, Vice Chief of General Staff (Executive), will be appointed as the Navy Commander-in-Chief; Lieutenant-General Cheng Jung-feng, Vice Chief of General Staff, will be appointed as the Vice Chief of General Staff (Executive), General Staff HQ and also receive a promotion to General 2nd Class of the Air Force.

According to the MND, Vice Chief of General Staff General Cheng Jung-feng graduated from the Air Force Academy Class of '85 and the War College of National Defense University Class of '09, and previously served as the Commanding Officer of Air Force Combatant Command, Chief of Staff of Air Force Command Headquarters, and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Command HQ, so possesses all of the requisite education and military experience. In his current position, Gen. Cheng oversaw and made important contributions to military strategy and military readiness. He is therefore being promoted to Vice Chief of General Staff (Executive) where his extensive experience can be carried over to the continued promotion of military development and readiness.

The MND also explained that the above appointments will all take effect on June 16, 2022.

Source: Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense (June 15, 2022)