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Air Force Command Headquarters Clarified on the Matter Regarding “F-16V Fighter Aircraft Military Sales”.


Regarding the media coverage of “Armes Reinforcement! Taiwan Officially Proposed the Military Sales Consisting of 66 F-16V Fighter Aircrafts Worth Nearly $400 billion to the United States of America”, the Air Force Command Headquarters has stated today (6th) that it prospects the current enemy threats, cautiously evaluates future combat requirements, adheres to comprehensive project establishment procedure, and proposes the requirements for advanced fighter aircrafts to the United Stated of America through official channel in order to reinforce the air defense combat capability of Taiwan.

The Air Force Command Headquarters further stated that it will proceed with price negotiation subsequent to the reply from the United States of America since prices vary on different models of equipment; the command headquarters hereby clarify that the required amount for the military sales mentioned in the relevant media coverage is merely a speculation, and request media to refrain from circulating unverified sauces to avoid creating confusions.