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The Air Force Command Headquarters Released a Press Release Explaining the Matter of “Suicide in Officers and Soldiers Camp”.


Regarding the media coverage of “Suicide in Officers and Soldiers Camp”, the Air Force Command Headquarters has stated today (13th) that sergeant Liu from the affiliated Air Force Air Defense Artillery Command inflicted self-harm at the camp early this morning; the unit implemented cardio pulmonary resuscitation on sergeant Liu immediately upon discovery and transferred him to Taitung Mackay Memorial Hospital, unfortunately it was too late.

The Air Force Command Headquarters has further stated that the unit first notified the family and sent cadres to provide on-site assistance, and hereby expresses the deepest regret regarding the loss of one of our fellow officers. The command headquarters will be cooperating with the judiciary on clarifying the case, as well as assisting the family on preparing funeral arrangements; furthermore, the command headquarters also asks that each unit to reinforce the propaganda on education for respecting lives and mental counseling to prevent similar tragedy from occurring again in the future.