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The National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology Released a Press Release Explaining that “MDM Is Not a Malware and Can Be Used Normally After Update to Ensure Information Security”. (January 20th, 2019)


Regarding the media coverage of “Armed Forces MDM APP Identified as Malware”, the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology has stated today (20th) that the Mobile Device Management is not a malware, and has provided relevant explanations as follows:

1. The Mobile Device Management of this institute can be downloaded through Internet and then installed on mobile devices. The app may have been identified as a suspicious APP and not a malware through the big data analysis of Google due to the fact that it was downloaded and installed in a significant amount.

2. The institute has notified the Ministry of National Defense that the Mobile Device Management is functioning normally and is not a harmful APP that requires to be removed since it is working properly. Furthermore, the institute has immediately updated the APP and the initial testing has come back normal; the APP will be subsequently distributed to each service through the Ministry of National Defense.

3. The institute has proposed a MDM non-malware statement against “Google Play App Verification Tool Error; the App has been blocked and warning has been sent out”.