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Special Exhibition on the History of the R.O.C. Air Force - A Century of Honor and Glory


This year marked the centennial of the Republic of China Air Force’s founding. The special exhibition “A Century of Honor and Glory” on the history of the Air Force is set to open at the Armed Forces Museum (AFM) on July 3. The exhibition will feature many Air Force artifacts as well as high-tech exhibits such as a flight simulator and augmented reality experience. Citizens are welcome to visit the museum to explore the history of the Air Force’s developments and its military preparedness. A new key visual poster has also been released on the AFM Facebook page featuring the 48 models of aircraft used or being procured by the Air Force including the early “Rosamonde” biplane, the new Advanced Jet Trainer that recently successfully completed its maiden flight and the F-16V fighter that Taiwan is purchasing from the US.

Exhibition Opening on July 3 to Focus on Developments and Reforms

The Armed Forces Museum is hosting a special exhibition on the history of the Air Force from July 3 through to December 4 to mark the centennial of its founding this year. The exhibition will focus on Air Force developments and reforms over the years. A combination of historical documents, artifacts and graphics will present a century of selfless sacrifice through themed exhibits and high-tech interactive displays. The exhibition will hopefully introduce visitors to the evolution of the Air Force over the years, its tradition of courage and commitment and inspire popular support for national defense.

12 Display Areas with Artifacts and Archive Footage

The special exhibition consists of 12 display areas including the key visual wall. A detailed account of Air Force history is complemented by artifacts such as a Hawk III model aircraft, "blood chit" flight jacket from the 14th Air Force, the pressure suits worn by U-2 reconnaissance plane pilots of the 35th “Black Cat” Squadron and rare archive footage. The history of “indigenous aircraft production” in Taiwan was also presented through the displays on the PL-1 “Jie-Shou” primary trainer, T-CH-1 “Chung-Hsing” intermediate trainer, the AT-32 “Tzu-Chiang” advanced trainer, the F-CK-1 “Ching-Kuo” jet fighter and the new “Brave Eagle” Advanced Jet Trainer.

Remembering “Air Force’s Finest”

The exhibition also featured a special section on the “Air Force’s Finest.” These included the first pilot to conduct take-off/landing tests with the T-33 trainer from the Chungli contingency runway, the pilot with the most number of flying hours on the F-104, and the first pilot to receive the Medal of the Armed Forces. The public can also take a ride in the T-34C flight simulator to experience what it’s like to fly through the sky as a pilot with realistic terrain and weather. They can also check out the F-86, F-104, IDF, F-16, Mirage 2000 and Brave Eagle AJT through interactive AR technology and have their photos taken with the aircraft.

Special Exhibition on the History of the R.O.C. Air Force - A Century of Honor and Glory

Special Exhibition on the History of the R.O.C. Air Force - A Century of Honor and Glory

Source: Youth Daily News, Ministry of National Defense (June, 27, 2020)