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Air Force Command Headquarters to Assist Family of Thunderjet Ace Yi-fen Ouyang with Funeral Arrangements


The internationally renowned Thunderjet ace Yi-Fen Ouyang passed away at Taichung Veterans General Hospital on May 5 at the age of 90. All the officers and men of Air Force Command Headquarters expressed their deep regrets at his passing, and will assist the family with his funeral arrangements to show their respect and admiration.

Mr. Yi-Fen Ouyang was born in 1930 and graduated in Class 32 of the Air Force Academy. On July 21, 1956, Lt. Ouyang was providing air cover for a reconnaissance mission over Pingtan, Fujian, when he encountered Chinese Communist MIG-17s. Despite the inferiority of his F-84, he engaged the Communist jets in a dog-fight. He managed to shoot down 2 and damage a further 2 through his superb flying and the support of his wing mates. The event was memorialized as the “July 21 Matsu Air Combat Victory” and he was presented with the Medal of the Armed Forces.

Mr. Ouyang’s triumph over the enemy forces through his exceptional flying skills and unwavering patriotism was in the finest tradition of the Air Force. His dedication to the defense of the nation served as an example to all of his successors.

Yi-Fen Ouyang and the fighter he piloted during the air battle

General Kuter, Commander-in-Chief of Headquarters Pacific Air Forces, shaking the hand of Yi-Fen Ouyang to congratulate him after he was presented with the Medal of the Armed Forces.

Yi-Fen Oyuang reading the monthly journal of the R.O.C. Air Force

Source: Air Force Command Headquarters Facebook (May 5, 2020)