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Air Force CINC Hou-Chi Hsiung Listens to the Troops at the Town Hall


On May 20, Air Force Commander-in-Chief General Hou-Chi Hsiung inspected air defense units in the Taipei region accompanied by various department heads including Sergeant Supervisor Chief Master Sergeant Liu. In addition to listening to briefing on unit missions, learning about key current missions, and checking on the quarantine preparations, he also inspected the office areas and public spaces in person. He expressed his approval of the living quarters and facilities and then encouraged the cadre to look after their troops, practice happy leadership, promote a harmonious atmosphere within their unit, as well as build up team rapport and cohesion.

CINC Hsiung took the opportunity of the town hall meeting with the troops to ask about the officers and men’s hometowns, family situation, how they use their salary, and leave arrangements. He also took an interest in the division of responsibilities, club participation, requirements for living facilities, and whether there are any problems with guard rotation. He listened to the troops to solve any problems their unit may be facing; in response to recent events, a reminder on military discipline was issued based on 3 directives: “Adhere to gender separation and maintain positive personal relationships,” “fight apathy and reach out to your comrades,” and “practice quarantine measures and make a bee-line between base and home while on leave.” He encouraged all officers and men to focus on their personal responsibility, uphold the spirit of “relentless pursuit of improvement” in combat training, demonstrate the fighting power of air defense, and enforce proper military discipline. Through their actions, they can build up the people’s confidence in the Armed Forces and become an elite team for defending national security.

Air Force CINC Hou-Chi Hsiung Listens to the Troops at the Town Hall

Source: Youth Daily News, Ministry of National Defense (May 21, 2020)