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Air Force: Procurement of F-16V Fighter Remains on Schedule


In response to media reports that “The electronic warfare system for 66 F-16C/Ds were not finalized in February so the initial delivery will not take place on schedule in 2023,” Air Force Headquarters issued a statement yesterday (3/21) denying the report. The procurement of the new F-16V (BLK-70) fighter is proceeding in accordance with the schedule set by the US military and delivery time has not been affected.

Air Force Headquarters added that the electronic warfare system for the F-16V (BLK-70) fighter is undergoing cost and performance analysis in the US. All items that fall under the scope of Special Act for New Fighter Acquisition are part of the Air Force procurement program and the media should not report pure guesswork.

Source: Youth Daily News, Ministry of National Defense (March 22, 2020)