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Chief of Air Force Hsiung Hou-Chi Presides Over Change-of-Command and Award Ceremony


On December 1, General Hsiung, Hou-Chi, the Chief of Air Force, presided over the “Vice Chief of Air Force Change-of-Command and Award Ceremony” at Jhongyong Base. The ceremony was attended by commanding officers, heads of functional units, as well as representatives of service people stationed at the base. General Hsiung started by congratulating the new appointee on his new role and hoped that the leadership of Sun, the incoming Vice Chief of Air Force, will foster a responsible and practical mindset that cultivates a “people-centric, professionalism, integrity, caring” culture, focuses on force development and readiness, and works together to defend the national airspace.

General Hsiung said that Maj. General Sun, the new Vice Chief of Air Force, was a very experienced officer who has always taken the initiative in his military assignments. He also successfully carried out all military (training) missions, standards validation, and aviation safety in ground operations, making him the right man for the job. General Hsiung also presented Maj. General Sun with an “Order of the Cloud and Banner, 4th Class” in recognition of his outstanding commitment and dedication.

General Hsiung encouraged the new appointee to stay “sharp and focused” in his new role, maintain his professional enthusiasm, and work together as a team with his subordinates. They must combine their visionary approach and comprehensive planning skills to carry out important policies and combat training missions (exercises) so that the Air Force can build on its existing foundations and rise to new levels of excellence.

Chief of Air Force Hsiung Hou-Chi Presides Over Change-of-Command and Award Ceremony

Source: Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense (December 2, 2021)