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The insignia of the 6th Wing

Note to the design of the insignia:

I.The insignia of the wing was designed with light blue color as the background with 6 white stars inside the dark blue circle symbolizing the 6th Wing and also implying we will respond to any combat situation round-the-clock with sustainable combat power.

II.The bottom of the insignia was designed with a parachute in red and white strips and an electronic cloud logo and a hawk, meaning we could integrate with the 3 forces of the military to perform airborne and airdrop missions and also engage in electronic warfare independently. We are just like a hawk in the sky that could initiate the attack to deter all incoming enemies and come home safely. The honor of success needs not to be ours, but we dare to be the pioneer to support the accomplishment of the objective of the mission to ensure we are an invisible force.