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The insignia of the command

I.Note to the insignia:

(I)The big red wheel: stands for the overall maintenance, supply and logistics support of the air force.

(II)The blue stand: stands for the maintenance, supply, and logistics support system of the air force like the 1st and 3rd Logistics Command, and the main warehouse of the air force for materials supply.

(III)Sharp hawk eyes and wings: stands for the command of operation, detection of obstacle, guidance and efficiency in logistics support.

II.Meaning of the insignia:

The insignia stands for compliance of the command with the policy guidelines and organizational structure of the Air Force Command Headquarters, with command of the maintenance, supply and logistics support vertically like the 1st Logistics Command and the 3rd Logistics Command and the main warehouse of the Air Force for materials supply. Through cautious planning and detection of the obstacles to the carry out the missions, the command will give guidelines for assistance and solutions. The command also seeks to coordinate the supporting forces for interactive support horizontally to assure the proper accomplishment of the missions of logistics support, maintenance, and supply, and advance towards the goal of efficient logistics support.