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Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

Le Yi-chin

Le Yi-chin

Martyr Le Yi-chin, a native of Lushan County of Sichuan Province, was a descendant of Yueh Fei, a hero in the Sung Dynasty against foreign aggression. His ancestor changed his family name to Le and escaped to Sichuan for fear to be persecuted by a cunning prime minister. In his youth, he was taught to serve his country with loyalty. After the 918 Incident, he gave up his medical studies and applied to join the Central Aviation School. After graduating from the 3rd Class of the school, he was assigned to the 4th Flight Group.
When the war against Japan broke out in 1937, he shot down four enemy aircraft in the 815 Hangzhou Air Battle. On 21st of the same month, he destroyed another Japanese fighter over the west of Shanghai. On 23 October, Le engaged in overwhelming number of Japanese planes. Though fighting bravely, he was killed in face of outnumbered enemy aircraft over Nanjing. He died at 24.