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Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

Zhou Zhi-kai

Zhou Zhi-kai

Martyr Zhou Zhi-kai, a native of Le County of Hebei Province, graduated from the 7th Class of the Central Aviation School. He was optimistic, smart, brave and courageous.

In June 1943, the 1st batch of 14 Japanese fighter planes raid our airplanes on the Lianshan air base in Sichuan Province when our airplanes were going to land while the second batch of 8 Japanese bombers began to bombardment the air base. At the crucial moment, Chou immediately took off his aircraft and shot down three enemy planes by himself. He was later received by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and was awarded the Order of Blue Sky and White Sun with Grand Gordon, which was the first one within the ROC Air Force to acquire such honor.

On 14 December of the same year, he flew a P-40N to the western Hubei Province from Yinshi County of Hubei Province for reconnaissance. He wounded in the air combat when encountering enemy planes. Unfortunately he crashed on his way to home base.