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Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

Wang Chau-hsian

Wang Chau-hsian

Martyr Wang Chau-hsian, born at Hofei City of Anhwei Province, graduated from the 29th Class of the Air Force Academy. He lived a disciplined life while treated people with sincerity while being brave and determined in dealing with tasks and matters.

Wang was very frugal either for himself or in use of public property. In the spring of 1964, his plane engine caught fire when conducting flight training. He forced landing on the beach to save his plane instead of jumping out of aircraft. Though he survived by struggling to swing ashore, his aircraft went out of control and crashed into the sea.

In a recon mission in 1967, he piloted his aircraft to flee when being intercepted by MiG fighters over Shanghai. He managed to force landing in South Korea due to shortage of fuel, but finally he died due to his failure to land safely. Nevertheless, he dropped out the photographic negatives before force landing. His heroic deed marked that Wang, base upon the conventional spirit of loyalty and valor, did all he can to achieve the given mission, even losing his valuable life