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Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

Wen Ju-chiang

Wen Ju-chiang

Martyr Wen Ju-chiang, born at Heshan County of Guangdong Province, was smart, loved to learn, and always took sincere attitude toward people. He lived in Vietnam in his youth. Wen had a strong desire to devoting himself to his country. As hearing about the Air Force Preparatory School newly established in Sichuan; he departed for China right away and enrolled in the first class of the school and after graduation, directly entered the 26th Class of the Air Force Academy. He was retained as an instructor at the academy due to his excellent academic performance.

In May of 1945, when he and his colleague Chian Yi-chiang searched Communist vessels around the area of Da Chen, they encountered 6 MiG fighters and engaged dog-fighting. He seriously damaged one enemy plane, while the rest fled away. On 6 July, when flying an F-47 to bombardment enemy vessels in a close air support to Dachen isle, he chased enemy aircraft to Ningpo in spite of encountering many MIGs over the Zhoushan Islets. Unfortunately He was destroyed by a couple of enemy fighters. The government posthumously promoted him to the rank of Major.