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Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

Liu Tsui-kang

Liu Tsui-kang

Martyr Liu Tsui-kang, born at Chankou County in Liaoning Province, graduated from the 2nd Class of the Central Aviation School. He excelled both in academics and flying skills. With bravely destroying a couple of Japanese airplanes at a time when the war against Japanese invasion broke out, he was therefore awarded the Seven Star Medal and the Awe-inspiring Medal, 2nd Grade.

On 26 October 1937, he was directed to fly to Shanxi to conduct close air support to army. Because it has already sunset when he arrived in Taiyung, he then flew to Luoyang. Due to the fuel was going to exhaust, he doped a flash bomb to help his wingmen find the runway, but he himself crashed into the Kweising Building. The government, in view of his loyalty, posthumously promoted him to the rank of Major and provided his family with favorable care.