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Lee Kwei-dan

Lee Kwei-dan

Martyr Lee Kwei-dan was born at Hsin Min County of Liaoning Province. His father died young, and he was raised by his mother. He was smart, healthy, and served his mother with filial piety.

During the 918 incident, he witnessed the Japanese invasion and was determined to join the military to defend his country. He first applied to the army academy, and then transferred to the Central Aviation School. When graduating from the 2nd class of the school with honors and marvelous flight skills, he was retained as an instructor pilot.

In 1936, the nationals launched a campaign of purchasing new aircraft in celebration of then President Chiang Kai-shek and the newly-bought planes were named “Chung Cheng Squadron.” Lee was appointed as leader of the squadron, which was subordinate to the 4th Flight Squadron. Later he along with his comrades shot down an enemy plane in the 814 Air Battle. With his outstanding achievement in many air battles, he was promoted to be the Group Commander left by Kao Chi-han. When the Japanese planes launched a large scale of attack in the 218 Wuhan Air Battle in 1938, he led his squadron to shoot down 12 enemy planes and the rest fled away. However, he was killed in the air battle aged 24. The government posthumously promoted him to the rank of major and his mother was given special cares and pension to his mother.