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Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

Lu Gi-chuan

Lu Gi-chuan

Martyr Lu Gi-chuan, a native at Chin County of Hebei Province, graduated from the 3rd Class of the Central Aviation School. He was smart and enjoyed learning. In his youth, he liked reading historical stories and wished to pursue revolutionary career.

In the war against Japanese aggression broke out in 1937, he and his colleagues of the 4th Flight Squadron were directed to defend the capital, Nanjing. On 24 August, he shot down an enemy airplane over Nanjing, and on 26th of the same month, he destroyed two more fighter planes. On the 4th and 7th of September, he shot one down over Shanghai and one over Tai Lake respectively. He was awarded the Four Star Medal for these achievements.

On 18 February, 1938, a fierce air battle occurred when Japan dispatched airplanes to launch a large scale of invasion toward Wuhan City, Hebei Province. The Japanese planes encountered tough resistance from the 4th Flight Squadron. Twelve enemy planes were shot down; however, martyr Lu was killed in the air battle.