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Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

Wang tian-xiang

Wang tian-xiang

Martyr Wang Tian-xsiang, a native of Hwang Yen County, Zhejiang Province, was smart, polite, and loved to read the stories of revolutionary predecessors. When young, he is determined to save the country and people. Later, he entered the army academy first and then changed to learn aviation. He graduated from the 1st Class of the Aviation Class (integrated into the Central Aviation School later). With excellent academic performance, he was retained in the school as instructor and promoted to Chief of the Pursuit Section.

In 1932, he was hurt in Son-Fu Air Battle and later promoted to leader of the 8th Aviation Squadron. As the war against Japan broke out in 1937, Wong was directed to hold the post of the 4th squadron commander as well because the 4th Flight Squadron Commander Kao Chi-han wounded. On 22 August of the same year, he led aircraft to bombard the enemy at Liu Ho near Shanghai. At that moment, he and comrades found enemy planes coming to them and an air battle happened as a result. After two enemy planes were destroyed, his plane also was seriously hit and he died in the crash.