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Air battles


Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

Time: March 14, 1941
Location: air space between Shuangliu and Chengdu
The process:

12 enemy airplanes invaded at 9:15 a.m. on March 14th. The 3rd Military Zone HQ directed its 3rd and 5th Group to get ready for combat. The operational deployment was as follows:

1. Huang Xin-Rui, the 5th Croup Commander, acted as the commander of nine E-15 IIIs. They stayed alert at the altitude of 7,500 ft.
2. Tsern Ze-Liu, Deputy Commander of the 5th Group, led 11 E-15 IIIs at the altitude of 7,000 ft.
3. Jhou Ling-Xu, the 28th SQ Commander, led 11 E-15 IIIs patrolling at the altitude of 6,800 ft.

12 Japanese Zero fighters were divided into two teams;five were on the upper level and the other seven on the lower. They flew westward via Sandouping. Seven Zero fighters strafed our Shuangliu and Taipingsi air bases at lower altitude while other five covered them at the higher air space in Chongqing. Our planes immediately intercepted them and an air conflict ensued.

At the time, Huang Xin-Rui and nine wingmen that patrolled over Shungliu encountered enemy aircraft. However, for some reason, four airplanes didn't catch up there, only five aircraft joining in the fighting. Huang was hit on his head and Ren Xian also got shot. Two of them sacrificed their lives in the conflict.

Tsern Ze-Liu, Deputy Group Commander, together with wingmen fought with the enemy near Shungliu. Tsern and another pilot, Lin Yuan were killed simultaneously. Yang Jhong-De's plane crashed but safe. Deng Wei-Yin and his plane were wounded slightly. Ho De-Xiang was injured but his plane crashed. Jiang Dong-Sheng died and his plane crashed.

Meanwhile, Jhou Ling-Xu led planes to attack enemy planes, but they could only fight separately with enemy aircraft because their aircraft failed to maintain formation. Jhou Ling-Xu, Yuan Fang-Bing and Chen Peng-Yang were killed.

Combat result:

Because Japanese fighters were the most advanced model, our air crew therefore suffered heavy loss though with high-rise morale. Our losses in the air battle included one airplane crashed, seven damaged, and eight pilots killed.