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Air battles


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The nervous atmosphere between two sides of the Taiwan Strait had intensified before the 823 Artillery War.  814 Pingtan Air Battle

On August 14, the 5th Fighter Group as usual sent eight F-86s to carry out its combat air patrol (CAP) mission., in which the pilots included Lead aircraft, Li Zhong-li, Deputy SQ Commander, Yin Man-rong, Wingman No. 2, Captain Qin Bing-jiun, Wingman No. 3, Pan Fu-De, Wingman No. 4, Liu Xian-Wu, Wingman No. 5, Lt. Liang Jin-zhong, Wingman No.6, Captain Liu Guang-tsann, Wingman No.7 and Lt. Liu Wen-gang, Wingman No. 8. Among them, the problem of cockpit pressure forced Lt. Liang jin-zhong to fly back to home base. The remaining seven airplanes flew over Matsu to carry out the mission. When arriving at ten n.m. northeast of Pingtan, they found at an altitude of 35,000 feet, there were four MIG-17s below them on the right side. The enemy planes instantly dispersed from formation, but their No.3 and No.4 aircraft reacted slowly. Our wingman No.1 Li Zhong-li dived for an attack, hitting enemy aircraft Wingman No.4. It therefore dropped into the sea in flames. Our No. 3 and 4 aircraft pursued enemy No.3 aircraft. In no time, it was hit by our wingman No.3, Captain Qin Bing-jiun and began to dive. Our No. 2 aircraft and 4 chased and attacked the enemy No. 2 aircraft twice. However, the enemy aircraft finally escaped. At this moment, our lead aircraft ordered to the other aircraft fly in fluid formation and returned to home base. Unfortunately, No. 7 aircraft crashed into the sea on their way back.

Combat Results:

The leader Li Zhong-li shot down one enemy airplane; Captain Qin Bing-jiun shot down another, Lt. Pan Fu-De and 2nd Lt. Yin Man-jhong might shoot down another one altogether. Our aircraft No.7 Liu Guang-can died when his plane crashed into the waters near Pingtan.



 814 Pingtan Air Battle


814 Pingtan Air Battle
Time: August 14, 1958
The process: