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War History


Last Updated Time:2016/02/23

In 1936, the Aviation Committee was moved to Nanjing南京, and the Air Force was expanded to 9 Groups with subordinated 31 squadrons. As the new planes bought from the United States arrived continuously, the ROC Air Force began to take shape. In the period of the war of suppressing the Communist's rebels, the ROC Air Force supported the ground forces to fight against the communists. They participated in every battle, accumulated rich experience, and formed the solid foundation for the future victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Invasion.  In the early stage of the War of Resistance

On July 7, 1937, China declared war against Japan. On August 13, Songhu Conflict 松滬戰役broke out. In the morning of August 14, we sent our new Northrops and Hawks to raid Japanese positions in Shanghai and their naval vessels. On the same day, 2 Japanese elements attacked our Hanzhou杭州and Guangde 廣德bases. The Group Commander Gao Zhi-hang高志航 led Hawks of the 4th Group to intercept them and gave them a heavy blow. In this battle, 6 enemy planes were shot down. The splendid results not only encouraged the combat morale of Chinese people but also ruined the Japanese dream of conquering China in 3 months. That was the famous 814 Jianqiao 筧橋Air Battle.


As the training for conversion to Russia-made airplanes was about to be finished, we thererore sent E-15s and E-16s to fight against the enemy and had brilliant results in the raid of the targets on the costal area of the Yangtze River, especially in the battles over Wuhan on February 18 and April 29.  In the early stage of the War of Resistance

On the night of May 19, 1938, the ROC Air Force sent 2 Martin B-10s to Japan to execute bombing on Nagassaki長崎 and Saga佐賀 and dropped 200,000 leaflets in the hope that Japanese civilians might wake up the Japanese warlords from their dream of conquering China. It was the first time that the ROC Air Force attacked foreign territory.